MSD with 2.95.1 Help?

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I’ve been using MLJ for 9 years now and with the same .scn and fixtures.
I recently upgraded my lighting and am experiencing a few problems…

a) MSD keeps crashing and giving errors…

b) I can’t seem to load in my .scn any more and update the new fixtures on it.

c) I’ve seen the links to upgrade to MSD5 etc. but then it’s asking what KEY I have etc. and I’m still on the old Universal USB DMX with 2 universes (dark grey one).

Forgive me if I’ve lost touch, but I’ve just been working away with LJ for 9 years with no real problems and seem to have been massively outdated and I can’t seem to find the next and best way to go.

Can someone please advise?

I’m using 10 moving heads (6 Spots and 4 washes) all synced up to Backing tracks in mulitple cuelists running on an old XP Laptop.

Cheers in advance guys,


As far as I know, the old LJ OV is no longer supported, now replaced with the newer MSD6 Visualizer, which require a Martin dongle (One-Key)

Paul should now better. You can also contact Lighthouse Support, although they are monitoring this forum

Ah Thanks so much Ofer!

You were always so helpful even back in the day when you made the fixture profiles for my IMOVE 250S and 250W.

Yes it seems everything is pointingo me to a ‘one key’ system but I spent a small fortune on my USB dongle and would like that to still work if possible :confused:

As always thanks for your time.


Hello Brian,

Always a pleasure :slight_smile:

As suggested, try contacting Lighthouse regarding this