MSD with GLP fixtures

Curious if anyone has any renderings done with GLP fixtures, and how they look, as compared to fixtures in real life…do you get individual beams from the X4Bars?

As far as I can see, not…

It can be done (MagicBlade, for example), so I guess the profile needs to be tweaked

Please use the Profile Request form, asking for this update

What do the columns mean by the fixture profiles

3 columns that could have S G or FB ?

(curious, I am finding issues with some fixtures, and want to make sure I am running them correctly.

S= Standard
FB= Fixture Block
G= Grouped??

If I recall correctly :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks.

Regarding GLP Atoms: Does this mean I would have to patch the Fixture Block, as well as the individual heads? (can’t seem to get them to work when I only patch the head themselves, and I don’t see the power supply)

I appreciate the help.

Hello Jamey,

The GLP Atom are implemented as two types:
I guess you need to insert the units from the Visualizer, not SD

  1. Fixture Block. Drag into the Visualizer, you get the control unit as the base of the 12 heads. You can further drag each head (or all of them, and place as needed). Dragging the base unit, will move all the heads as one unit (same way a 6 Lamp Bar is made)
  2. 12x individual heads (no Control Unit)

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