MSD with Hog 4 PC

Like the title says, is it possible to use MSD with Hog 4 PC?

I’m not sure, but from using both MPC and Hog 4 PC, I significantly prefer MPC. It is much more reliable and flexible. If you are able to, I would suggest looking at switching over, if not, sorry to bother you.

I 100% agree with you and have already switched over to Martin as my personal preference. I even bought a M-Touch. Hog is the console of choice for my two main clients in town and I do many shows on them. But having used Martin and just the free MSD demo has made me leaps and bounds better on their software. Just being able to sit in front of a rig for hours just trying new things and seeing it visually is huge for me. I will be putting my M-Touch in place of most of the consoles I get from clients, but it will be hard to put it in front of a Road Hog 4 or Full Boar 4.

I figured it was a long shot that it would work but I figured I would ask.


Depends on the following:

  1. Same PC, or dual PCs linked together, each running its own software
  2. MSD on a remote PC: Again, without being familiar with HOG 4 PC networking abilities, it would be hard to tell… In general, MSD does not ‘know’ (nor care) which console is spitting DMX over…So, as long as HOG 4 PC broadcast ArtNet (soon, also sACN support), MSD will obey
  3. If on the same PC, can be done using ArtNet via Loopback. MSD used to have a HOG driver, not sure if it is still supported…

I was thinking along these lines. I’ll have to research to see if Hog does artnet from pc. Thank you

Is there a way to change network settings in the MSD demo?

Network settings are done through OS, not MSD…

DMX drivers are set via MSD

MSD From Show Control click “Follow” and choose “Artnet”
HOG4 PC To have an active "Artnet connection" you need a hog DMX Widget
connected with your PC.
After patcing open Network and right click the DP number at Setings
A new window will open.Find the ** Art-net output** and activate the patched universe.
You must set the correct parameters for the Visualiser on the HOG do this
open Network and right click on the Visualiser number.
A new window will open. Click Settings. Fill the Visualiser IP Addressand
Visualiser Manufacturer areas…
IMPORTANT : you need a HOG DMX Widget connected with the PC OR laptop.

OK, the Hog widget is the piece of the puzzle that I am missing. I had a feeling that was the case but I was hoping not.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.

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I borrowed a widget for a friend and have set up everything as Armodios has suggested. Is there a limitation in the MSD demo when it comes to networking? Hog 4 PC is able to see the Capture Sweden demo in the network settings. When I click Detailed Report in MSD it says it’s IP is and there is an active ArtNet connection but has not received any valid signal.