Multiple issues after updating fixture library 1219 and 1220.

I have been experiencing some strange issues ever since updating the fixture library and patching a fixture profile I had requested. The fixture profile is Shehds LED Beam _ Wash Bee Eyes 19x15W RGBW Zoom Lighting 99 Channel with the virtual dimmer enabled. The first issue is if I save the file and shutdown my computer, when I start back up the Continue option does not sucessfully load the show file. It gets stuck on the Optimizing show file step. I have to use Load and select the saved show file. When the show file opens, my multi part ADJ Megabars and ADJ Sweeper Quad fixtures patched with virtual dimmer all show up as intesity full and color white on the 2d plan. I tried adding the combined fixture version to test (Since my Bee Eyes combined fixtures show up correctly), but when I click to add it to the plot nothing happens. Lastly, and probably the most important I am unable to select any fixtures in any view (Fixture Center, Numberpad, Groups Window, Composer Lib, etc). I havent tested actual outut yet but looking at the DMX out view i suspect i have no issues outputting data to lights. This issue first started while updating to the November 27th version of the library on 4.6.1219, I updated to the December 8th library and 4.6.1220 with the same results. Any help is appreciated, I am anxious to program these new lights and use them next week.

Any chance you could PM me your show file?