My reference suggestion about onyx

Hi, i m working 4 months ago with Onyx and i have some suggestion, i read similar post on this forum but its the list of tools i would apreciate to have:

PATCH: Change ID, if i want overwrite an ID onyx don t let me, i have to delete or change .

PATCH: when i fill the name´s field and push enter it coud be fine onyx go to the next field box it let me wors more quick to put the name in all my dimmer fixture for example.

PRESETS: Thumbails in gobo and color?? its very very slow the way to get a thumbail color preset, and the gobo,prisma thumbails its a powerful visual reference to work

ATRIBUTE FILTER: when i record for example gobo or prism rotation need to adjust the speed with a gobo or prism value then, i have to clear gobo or prism to record the rotation, maybe there are another way but it was more interesting if i have an extended atribute filter that let me choice only the atribute i need to record

COLOR SELECTION: i can change CMY or RGB or RGBW… values with encoder. it could be posible include the feature that let me works with HSV using encoders?

COLOR SELECTION: it could be interesting that onyx can works with color R, G, B, W, A, UV… priority. for example if i want to get an orange and my fixture have amber chip i would like to choice between amber chip, red + green mixin or using RGBA to get the color choice, sometimes i need get a fine orange and other times will need a powerful orange based on amber and mix red-green.

2D PLAN: the feature of encoder moving X Y fixtures, rotation and scaling.

UNDO options: list undo and the feature undo in record actions

BPM control over FX, speed master its fine but the tap BPM over FX its a very interesting function.

Thanks for all your work.