Need a fixture template for Chinese JDC1 Knockoff (Junman JM-SR08)

I have a show tomorrow and I just just got the fixture plot (I have no say what we use for this show).
Anyway I’ve found that this fixture doesn’t exist in the fixture library and I desperately need it working as they are the majority of fixtures in a rig that’s pretty small to begin with .

the fixture I’m looking at is a Junman moving strobe (Similar like a JDC-1) .
Here is the Amazon Link:
Here is the manual:
8104.pdf (268.3 KB)

Any help would very much appreciated.

ONYX could have a channel filter within the library search. As there isn’t one yet, I recommend using the Avolites and Chamsys websites to look for:


Did you request this fixture? I just checked the Fixture library, and it is in the current build. So if you did not request it, you might want to update your library.

I did make a fixture request, but this is not it, this is a different fixture. however It does seem that the profile has been added now for the " 400w RGBW Moving Head" which is the description of the JM-SR08 and all the channels line up. I just never got notified I guess.

I had to build the fixture using generic channels for the show and that worked out well for a quick punt show, but obviously more difficult than if I had the profile. I’m glad the profile exists now though because it looks like I’ll be using these more often.