Need help understanding embedded presets


I’m a pretty casual user and i’m still pretty new to lighting in general. I have a pretty good grasp of what I’m doing with mpc/onyx obsidian software, but the embedded presets is something that I haven’t exactly figured out yet.

While trying to update presets, let’s say I bought a new light and I want to add the new color presets to the already established color presets that I’ve created for other lights, while trying to record and then merge the presets, the popup box saying some form of this comes up:

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Additional Information Required

Embedded Presets in use. What do you want to do?

  1. Update Source Presets
  2. Break modified embedded references
  3. break all embedded references
  4. cancel command
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All I want to do is to merge the color groups together, though it seems that with any of the options I select, it will mess up the other lights color presets, then I have to go back and input them all over again. How can I prevent this from happening? Thanks for the help.

-DJ Neekz

Hello, this happens when you edit a preset which is based on other presets (embedded presets), and you perform modification on parameter coming from embedded preset.

So Onyx ask you what do you want to do about embedded preset parameter you have changed.

Instead to update embedded presets, update the original preset (it will be automatically pushed into the other presets)

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Always use Break Embedded Presets, until you fully understand what they do…


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Thanx for sharing.