NETRON 2.9.4 - CLU 1.0.009


Release 1.0.009 (01/22/2024)

Includes NETRON Firmware 2.9.4 (EN12, EN4, EP4, EP2, RDM10)

Note: Updates require two files, 1. “nfw” per device and 2. “img” web package
NETRON devices are not compatible with Internet Explorer.
It is recommended to use the NETRON Central Utility to discover, configure and update devices.

New features

All device settings are moved into CLU application
RDM support on DMX Inputs, for example for Robe Followspot Systems:
Create dedicated Art-Net network between two devices and assign the same Universe numbers on both sides.
Different NETRON devices can be used on In and Output. All NETRON devices must use the same firmware version.
“Universe Browser” Home Screen, allows for instant assignments of Port Universe numbers without navigating the menu structure


Revised RDM communication to always send complete DMX frames. This increases compatibility with some fixture brands (e.g. ETC)
Redesigned and enhanced RDM10 Merge Processing and DMX input speeds:
Frame: DMX Frame is fully captured, then merged. Provides most accurate merge results. Maximum merge delay depends on DMX Soure refresh rate.
Channel: DMX Data is immediately merged into the output with 0 latency. Provides fastest merge but depending on source refresh rates can have partial dmx frames blended together.
Maximum merge delay of 0.3 milliseconds.
Added red blinking LED feedback to DMX ports to indicate loss of Ethernet traffic
RDM package structure
Home screen always shows IP address on the bottom

Bug Fixes

Resolved Cue Playback sometimes not triggering or sending only partial cues
Resovled Cue Playback on DMX Loss settings
sACN Multi-Cast subscription was timing out on EN4
Sometimes the nodes subscribed to unnecessary sACN Universes 1 and 4 through 11
Resolved sACN priority handling with Zactrack Followspot Tracking Systems
Resolved Delay on ports set to DMX Input
DMX Merge values sometimes stayed active when DMX traffic stopped
Art-Poll Reply is no longer broadcast
Factory Reset did not reset Device Label
RDM10 web page was not browsable after changing IP address
Improved RDM device discovery routine


I have the EP2 and was testing with the new release of CLU (1.0.009) and NETRON 2.9.4.

Some Feedback…

EP2 updated from 2.9.2 just fine.

CLU does not always detect device on this completely closed, unmanaged system / network. Currently no active DHCP server but using DHCP sACN preset. ONYX and EP2 have the proper IP’s and subnet, CLU just doesn’t always detect the device. ONYX sees the node and allows me to open the internal webage. Will try to find a DHCP small router to test differently.

Port 1 has a solid blue light while port 2 flashes blue.

While looking through the settings menu and DMX port outputs. It appears that while in sACN protocol you can only assign universe 1 to 32,767. While I currently have no need for anything that large (nor do I plan to), shouldn’t the option be allowed to go to 64,000? I know universe count between the protocols is one of the differences.

Overall, nothing major. I’ll try to test with some lights also, but this is some of the things I noticed today and wanted to share the feedback.



@DBoerner is our NETRON expert and did all verification tests for 2.9.4

We matched the Universe count of Art-Net and sACN, possibly we increase it one day if there is a real need.

@Matthias and @DBoerner -

Couple additional questions. I have an EN4 and EP2 node currently in a testing environment. This is planning for an install in our facility in two different rooms on isolated networks. However, over time there will be additional Netron device added. So, right now both devices have Device ID 0. Does that matter or will that cause issues (in my testing) and for future devices added to the network.

Can CLU and ONYX run on the same machine at the same time? I have experience CLU 1.0.009 and ONYX 4.9.1259 showing devices, but after a period of time the CLU application shuts down. I have also noticed that at first “entrance” to the ONYX devices menu, the EN4 shows all four ports. After a time, Port 4 drops off from ONYX device menu. Not sure if this is related to both appications running on same machine at same time but wanted to verify / give the feedback.