NETRON Central Utility Beta 2

The NETRON Central Utility is designed to find and manage nodes across IP networks.

(jncludes tool and 2.8 Beta 6 firmware with LLRP support)

If the devices can’t be managed, update them using the “recovery” method with these files:

Currently the following features are supported

  • Discovery of nodes across all network ports, regardless of node IP
  • Identify
  • Set Name
  • Set IP Address

For nodes in the correct IP range:

  • Firmware Updates: Automatic update to the latest included version, or recovery update using any file
  • Device Browser: all home pages and sub pages open in a browser page

The tool uses RDM NET LLRP discovery, which is not specific to NETRON. The discovery and the basic settings and browser access should work for other nodes in the market too if they include LLRP support.

Some reading about RDMNET : RDMNet — Control Geek

Working a treat so far!!!

Been testing this new Beta.

The app is causing all of the nodes to lock up. You can access anything on the front display. They also go offline in ONYX.

I have the following in the test:-

1 x EN4
5 x EN12
4 x RDM10

I double checked they are all on firmware 2.8.
No firewall on the PC. All nodes going through a non managed network switch.

PC specs:
Intel NUC I7-8705G @ 3.10GHz
16 Gb Ram
Windows 10 Pro V21H2

Sometimes multiple RDM10 units come up as EN12’s instead.

Using the Identify switch also triggers all of the RDM10 units to flash instead of individually.

Using one RDM10 or EN12 the software works fine.
I have to do a hard reset on the power to get the nodes back online.
Problem still exists even if its only the Central Utility app running.