NETRON Central Utility - Beta

The CLU tool is designed to discover and configure NETRON nodes.

It finds nodes across all network ports, and can find them independent of IP Address ranges. E.g. a node with 2.x can be discovered from a 192 .x network port.

IP addresses and name can be set from the menu, once the IP range matches, the nodes are accessible and will open the correct web page. Future versions will add firmware updates directly from the tool and all settings will be directly adjustable without the need for a web browser.

There are some limitations until the full release is done as it requires some updates to the Netron firmware. The changes will be part of Netron V3.0

  • Device renaming does not work from the tool
  • IP Address change reboots the node

For now please report back if the tool discovers your nodes, especially larger systems.

This is interesting, I will give it a spin.

Is there a new Central Utility beta available?

So finally got some time on hands to test the NCU.
First thing that I see is very irritating, that what ever option You choose it opens a browser, and does not work in the Netron Central utility. If I use software to manage the Netron devices, I should not relay on the internet browser anymore, right? All should happen in the program, otherwise it misses the point of it…

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This will be possible after V1. The current first version focusses on discovery and firmware updates.

Ok, so when is the new Beta coming up?