Netron EN12-45 freezes

I have an installation with 5 En12-45 splitters in a congress building. These are connected to the main light controller through a switch in a dedicated VLAN. The controller sends out ArtNet in the 192.168.4.X range. They behave properly for a day or so before they stop working. When I then try to reach the webpage it says that it took to long to respond. The only thing helping is a restart of the splitters by turning them off and on.

I checked that there is no IP conflict and that the ports on which they are patched are tagged accordingly to the VLAN. The interesting thing is that when I ping them from a pc in the network I can’t find them, but if I scan the network with arp -a I am able to see them.
All switches are running the latest firmware.

Hope someone can help out.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? Or would the best course of action would be to directly contact customer support?


I would contact support directly and see if they can help you out.

Their email is


I hope you are able to get a solution.


Hi Lars,

I’m glad someone else come across this same issue. I’m guessing all your nodes were running firmware 2.6?

I ended up rolling back to firmware version 2.4 which seemed to fix the issue. Hopefully in the 2.8 firmware it will be fixed.

Just out of interested how many nodes were you running? I had 5 but only the first one in system would hang. Was fine during a show but left on over night and the next more would be completely unresponsive.

Were you using a network switch?

Was it a managed or un managed switch?

Did you link the nodes through each other?

Would be good to know what causes the hanging of the node.

Kind regards


Hey Steve,

Thanks for replying. And good to hear that you might have a fix for the problem. I have all five of them running on 2.6 and one by one they all freeze. I am back on location this week and will try rolling the firmware back to 2.4 to see if it makes a difference.

I’m running them as a fixed installation for a congress hall. I’ve added a small schematic setup below. There are two Pharos running in the two different server rooms. Both are connected to a managed switch which is connected through fiber to the other server room for show control. The nodes are independently connected to the switch.

Version 2.8 resolves this lockup.

It does, thank you so much for your time testing and fixing this issue Matthias. :smiley: