Netron EN12 bug and update


We just bought 24 Netron EN12 and we are checking everything.

I’m finding a bug in the Load and Save settings. I can save the settings. But I cant load it.
I choose the file, press Load but nothing is happening. The webpage keep loading and that’s it…

Any Idea for that problem?

I also have a request about the User Presets.
When you save the User Presets it also save the Node settings (IP).
That’s a bit strange.
For that it would be better to have a Configuration Save button in the maintenance menu to save IP and all nodes setting separately from the User presets…

To prepare all the node at the company. Lets say we buy 100 of them. We prepare some settings for festival to be ready to load. How to load those settings in 100 of them without changing all the time the IP?

Thanks for your help.


Any news from this problem?


This bug should be corrected in 2.92

We receive all the node 1 month ago and they are all in V2.9.2

Please contact support to investigate the issue.

Support Request (