Netron EP4 issue

Try config my EP4 with Onyx old version (4.2.1057) and I can’t open all 4 ports.
Only show me Port 4 and nothing else.

Try to reset the EP4 to default and restart onyx. Also check if You have the LAN card set to the same IP range as EP4 (the default address of EP4 is
You should be able to reach its web interface when going to address in your web browser.

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4.2 can’t manage Art-Net 4 devices. Configure the EP4 using the internal web server instead.

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Thanks Matthias!

Config the EP4 for what option by the way?

use sACN 2.x preset, it will work with the PC in “etherdmx” right away
and time to move on from 4.2, it could stop at any time with a minor windows security update.

Thanks Mike! I already tried that! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: