Netron EP4 - Javascript issue


We have one EN4 and two EP4’s daisy chained together using sACN. They are configured on a dedicated 172.x class C network and have largely been working without issue for a long while (we’ve had other issues but that is unrelated to this).

Recently we had a power cut for several hours after which the last EP4 in the chain (the least accessible ceiling one of course) has started to have issues with the web access; multiple javascript errors are being thrown (sorry, I don’t have the errors to hand at the moment; it’ll be a few days before I’m back on site to get them). This means that the menu doesn’t work, and neither to any pages that use dynamically loaded content (e.g. the run cue page).

I’ve powered down and restarted that EP4 several times and also updated to the latest firmware/image (2.6); however nothing seems to have resolved the situation. I’m not sure what other options I may have at this point and I think the next step will be to perform a factory reset?

Is there anything else I can try before I have to resort to the ultimate move?


Totally forgot to upload the photo I took of the JavaScript error on the EP4 web interface.

Don’t know if it’ll help anyone, but it’s only this device that is effected. Both the EN4 and other EP4 work fine.

Reload the web interface using IP address/update.html

Just to come back on this one; it took a couple of goes but eventually we got it done and the problem has been fixed using the method suggested by @Matthias.