NETRON Gateway/Command Line


I would like to be able to make interVLAN routing with EN12 and EN4 but I don’t find where to set the gateway in the IP settings.
And i would like to know if command line exist for those products, like SSH or other ? Maybe it’s possible to find advanced settings with that ?

Thank you in advance.


The EN12 does not support a gateway setting.
There is no command line system for it as there are no hidden settings.

Could you explain your setup and why you need a gateway IP? VLAN should work ok without it.

I need this because i want to monitor all my network. I have a router who send all VLAN to a computer. For this in my router i use interVLAN routing. But without this it’s more difficult. Have you solution for this problem ?

At this time we don’t offer this, we will review adding this for a future firmware update.
I can’t promise that we will add gateway support though.