Netron Utility Beta 3

Getting close to a release V1.

This version improves detection speed and adds a status led per device. If devices go offline they will show a red LED within a few seconds.
Once reconnected they turn green again.

Some general UI cleanup and overall performance improvements.

Please ensure the redo the firmware upload, as the tool includes a revised V2.8 with better discovery. If a device shows a red upgrade arrow use the “recovery” button and push firmware and web image seperately.

Uninstall current NETRON Central Utility before installing this version:

[Netron Utility Beta 3 - NETRON - Obsidian Control Systems]


I got the firewall rule exception from installing it on two windows 11 computers:

Exception adding firewall rule “Netron CLU”:
Permission denied (-2146828218)

It finds the Netron EN4 but everything is greyed out.

can you retry Beta 4 please.

Working fine to me!