NETRON Version 2.2

Please update your NETRON nodes to Version 2.2

	Release Notes for NETRON EP4 - EN4 - EN12 - RDM10
		(C) 2020 - Obsidian Control Systems

V2.2 (11/06/2020)

Requires V2.2 .nfw and .img
Web .img file is now unified for all devices
Web interface is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer.


  • added new IP presets for 192.x and 172.x automatic address
  • added new NETRON presets for Artnet and sACN 192 and 172 automatic address plus others
  • added signal loss indication to display (red outline)
  • revised state engine of cue toggles so “signal loss” option is used when cue is turned off. this allows to toggle between two cues with a single remote switch
  • added IP, Type and Identify switch to sidebar. Identify sends devices into red/white blink mode.
  • added “hidden” owner preset page. Use /Preset_Owner.html to lock existing user presets from overwriting.
  • added User Factory Reset. Use PIN 007 to reset to user preset #1
  • changed Preset web page layout and command order to avoid accidental overrides
  • changed System Menu arrangement for clarity
  • irrelevant options are hidden when possible
  • added more details to DMX port feedback on web interface
  • increased cue fade/hold time to 99 minutes


  • enabled RDM by default on RDM10
  • improved some unwanted device reboots on browser refresh of RDM10
  • Cues crossfade correctly from current state to stored value (instead from 0)
  • improved signal lock after changes
  • improved some bootup states that sometimes waited for value changes
  • devices no longer send DMX 0 after bootup if “wait for data” option is set
  • improved sACN priorities to ignore source IP and simply lock to the highest priority stream
  • fixed some web interface styles and labels for consistency
  • Display DMX Test colors were inverted, now corrected to Red=Increase, Green=Decrease

Just for others, this was due to AVG Antivirus blocking the firmware upload.