Network Consoles and Shows Identification

@gert_leunen and @Matthias

Sorry I don’t have a screen shot at the moment. But I noticed when networking with our NX4 that the “Shows” and “Devices” tab in the Network Settings menu displayed the console as a console icon with the label “Desktop-xxxx”. Would it be possible to have the name changed to NX4 (or whatever console). If I recall the Maxxyz Compact used to say “Compact-xxxx” or something similar. This would just help identify the different devices on the network show.

I also so a post about a possible bug regarding networking. I may have experience something similar on 1193. But in the end, it did work. And based on the post, it looks like you identified and fixed the issue.

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you can change the name here


Yep you sure can. :man_facepalming: Forgot all about that setting. Thanks for the reminder. I guess I was thinking more from an OS install / system initialization stand point. But that option works also.