Networking Multiple PC's

Hi, I am new to the system and thinking about switching from MA2. Can anybody help me understand if I add multiple PC’s networked as part of the show will the processing be distributed between them? For example if I have 128 Universes on a PC with a wing and then another PC with more devices to unlock universes will it handle the additional processing load on the 2nd PC?

Onyx requires no distributed processing. The current maximum is 128 Universes out of a PC system, and all processing happens on this specific PC.
The license attached to the PC will not expand by adding another key or licensed device in a network. The amount of Universes is always determined by your key either in a desk or on a PC.

Thanks! I am looking at PC with 4.7 GHZ i7s with 16GB ram to attach to an NX wing. I believe exceeds the recommended specs. Should I be looking at a graphics card for DYLOS or will the 16GB of ram be enough? The recommended Specs for Dylos seemed confusing, sorry.

How do you usually handle redundancy? is there a way to network in a backup PC that will takeover if the primary has a malfunction to keep the show from failing?

is there a prefered way?



Yes, there’s a tracking backup feature which you enable by joining a show, instead of loading one