New fixture not patching

Hello, i just edited in the Fixture Editor an unknown brand fixture, and after saving I try to patch it and nothing happens. Onyx is loading in the top screen as it would to other fixture and then NOTHING. Also, the same thing happens if I edit some other fixtures that had errors in the initial write , they DONT PATCH. Please help if you know what is the problem. Much appreciate it

I uploaded for example 2 fixtures edited by me
FOS TechnologiesSPOT 100 PRO 2023.Fixture (2.2 KB)


The BEAM fixture was an easy fix, but the one from FOS Technologies is not usable indeed, looks like not all parameters were assigned explicitly from within the editor. I noticed that fixture is in the official library, though, doesn’t it work properly? If so, I would encourage to post the information you have on ONYX 4.6+ Fixture Requests (

thank you, could you tell me what was to fix so i know if i run any issues in the future. Also , the FOS fixture i edited it was not writen from scratch. I just updated the fixture in the library and renamed it, thats why it seams odd to me that it does not work. Also , i managed to patch the BEAM in an old version of Onyx i had on the console laptop, on my home one witch i updated i had all this issues.