New patched fixtures in zone not responding

Hi !

As I have started to explore dylos, I’ve noticed that when I patch new fixtures, I can not get them being affected by Dylos when I place them in a zone.

Is this normal behavior ?

If I have to run a show on a larger rig it’s a major issue.

Thanks !

Which version, which fixtures?

Hi Mathias.
It was robin ledbeam350.
I’m in 4.8, downloaded 2 days ago.
I got it sorted by a strange trick :
I noticed that any new fixture wasn’t responding.
But, I saw that when I started a new dylos it was working and the moment I was selecting a preset for mapping was the moment the effect stopped working.
The dylos effect was preset based. And I finally have been able to make it work by pressing “Edit / preset ## / update”, even if I don’t change anything to the preset.
I guess I will have to make that move for every preset I use on my dylos.