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Hey Onyx Users

I am considering switching from Enttec DMXIS that I have been using with my band for the last 10 years. DMXis have worked fine for controlling our own lights (a small rig of LED pars, blinders, strobes and a laser), but playing bigger and bigger shows it would be nice to take control of the rigs already hanging in the venues.

Would that be possible with an Onyx system. And what is the easy entry in? Do I need more than a PC and a Onyx Essential key, assuming that the venue has some sort of node that accepts a CAT cable?

Sorry for my newbie question

Kind regards Christian

Welcome ! You may find a more active discussion on discord or the facebook group.

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Welcome. As Matthias mentioned you might get a more active response on the discord server for questions like this. But to answer your question, Yes ONYX is fully capable of doing this. Not knowing much about your current setup (exact number of lights, number of DMX or EtherDMX runs, number of universes needed) ONYX allows one free universe of output over EtherDMX. Otherwise, any ONYX or NETRON hardware will open up additional universes. Some of the older M-Series hardware is also supported and will work also. Depending on the venues you find yourself in will depend on if you can use a EtherDMX line to hook up to or a physical DMX run. So that might play a factor in which hardware you want. You can certainly use a PC only or for around $500 you can get an NX-Touch and have a small control device (which will unlock 4 universes and some additional control that a band may need). Anyway, I’d encourage you to browse the product or support website to see what all is possible. You won’t be disappointed.

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Okay. I thought that the essential usb dongle unlocked 8 universes which should be plenty for the gigs we play.

Is that a misunderstanding

I dont think that a control surface is needed, as we call cues via midi through our clicktrack sequencer. I guess the same is possible with onyx. I will download and have a look :slight_smile:

That is correct an Essential Key will unlock 8 Universe and the Midi control.