Newbie To Onyx so require some help

Hi all,
I’ve come from designing and running shows from complete analogue boards like LSC Maxim and I’ve done one show on an ETC Element, but I only plotted stuff for that, I’ve got a good grasp on all the basics of ONYX, but as I move forward to actually programming a Theatre Show.

  1. How can I program my movers so that their position can track before a cue that their lamp is used in (I’ve seen this done on ETC boards, I also know how to do this manually, but that would be a pain).
  2. How can I use a chase/FX in a standard cuelist
    Are their any other things anybody thinks I should know about programming theatre shows on ONYX?

Thanks so much

Here is a link to the Mark cue feature for moving lights in while they are blacked out:

If you’re using a standard cue list as your main playback you could use a Macro to trigger a chase on a different playback or just use the effects engine to create the chase you’re looking for. In the next cue you would set the swing to 0 to stop the effect.

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Thanks a heap. I’ll have a play around with some fixtures tonight, and see if I can get it working