No control - M1

Not sure if this were to fall under hardware or software but here we go. Updated my first gen M1 to Onxy about a few weeks ago. Seemed to install properly and what not. Ran a couple shows without major incidents. The new software was very laggy and the calibration just would not, well, calibrate. Annoying, but minor buggy things that can be worked around. As of 2 days ago, when I power on console, everything seems to run fine software-wise that i can see, however I have no control over anything.
When I pull the DMX line out of port, fixtures flash as they are not receiving signal as normal. When I plug the DMX line IN, all fixtures move to the home position as if i just powered them on (not my DMX home), the fixtures stop flashing as if they are receiving DMX, but i still have no control over anything, dimmers included.
Went through every setting on the console that Im aware of, opened up the console to check connections, seems fine. Didn’t know if there was a known bug, a corupt file transfer from the old OS ( I did try starting a brand new file as well) Any sort of help would be much appreciated.

St. Louis, MO


I don’t have an M1, but can you confirm both the OS build and the software? Just updating the software but having an “older” OS might have something to do with it. Odd how it was working for awhile.


I’m going to be in the club tomorrow to work on it, but I do not have the exact version handy. My PC version which I DL the same day is 4.2.1045.0. I did do a complete OS update when I did update. The console was running the M-Series OS from like Feb 2017 prior to a few weeks ago. I did see on this forum a few threads about the 1045 build. I have not updated any software since the initial OS install
And, yes, VERY odd that it was working. Another LD came to the venue to help me out and was as perplexed as I am.

Known issue which should be fixed in 1048 which is RC (dmx stop outputting on m1)