no control over the hole parameter range

we are not able to control shutter or effect wheel manually?!
so when we try to get frost out of beam or get the beam splitter in a special rotation position, it fails.
because in the shutter parameter fader, or by encoder at nx wing, there are only small ranges to adjust???
from 0 to 40, or in percent from 0 to 13 or so.
so it is only possible to open and close, but not finding a dmx value in the right shutter speed.
is it in onyx possible to say dmx adress 214(for example the effect wheel of a movinghead with start adress 201 and 16 channels, should exactly be @ 234 or in percent 78 or so.
if not we think it is not possible to work with!?
what think we wrong?
also the macro channel is important for us, because the onyx menue point “lamp off” doesn´t work with our movingheads.
so can we give in direct values to a dedicated dmx cannel in onyx???



It would help to know what light, and fixture you are talking about

Hello deflost,

Please check your Attribute Options settings. It sounds like maybe the “Range Lock” is on. By turning the Range Lock off you will have access to the full (0-255) control range. Range Lock is a nice feature that allows you to work within an area of the fixture and not accidentally trigger a lamp off. You can also switch ranges by clicking the “down arrow” under the Attribute Title.

As a shortcut to lamp commands. Select your fixture(s) and then press and hold the menu button (on a console) or from the Quick Menu under ONYX (upper left on PC’s). Here is a link to the support page for the Fixture Control Commands.

Hope this helps,