No Midi-in with version 1219?


In the latest version my midi in functions no longer work. In version 1218 I see the incomming events in the event-viewer, but there’s no response in the cues. In version 1219 I don’t even see the incomming events in the viewer. I use the midi in to have a kind of sound trigger function. Is this a known issue or do I need to change some settings in those recent versions? Thx

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Midi requires certain kind of of hardware to allow it. What license or hardware do you own for Onyx?

It 's connected with a M-touch and saying I’m having the NOVA+ license. According to the Onyx licensing table Midi should work with this.

That will work indeed. I just tried Midi input for a different question and there was no issue receiving it.

Just needed to reinstall the midiport drivers after the Onyx installation. And now it works again.
Thx for the replies!