No more output on startup, long startup times

Since yesterday Onyx is behaving very weird. It takes a long time to startup (about 4 minutes), when started it sets GM to zero. Moving the OSC or on screen slider has no effect. So no output is coming from my desk. It detects my NX-touch as normal.

I already uninstalled everything, installed the new update from te FB user group, and a different error showed up:

Uninstalled everything again, went back to 4.4.1186 and everything was fine for one day, This morning the exect same problem.

Please help! I am on an a HP laptop running windows 10, fully updated.

Any chance you could run AnyDesk (download from and PM me the ID, so I can access your system and have a look?

Была та же проблема! При переустановке программы, проблема исчезла. Но! Долго загружается и DYLOS зависает. CPU-i5, RAM-4Gb.

I got the same issue without hardware. Most of the time Onyx has this problem at first startup. After closing and restarting Onyx it is gone.

Did you find a solution?