no nova with en12?

hello, get no nova licens shown in onyx on pc when sending artnet to a en 12. is there anything else which have to be done to see nova in onyx connected to a en12?

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What version of ONYX PC and Firmware on the EN12. If I recall the firmware needs to be 2.92

it is 2.9.2

We have the same problem, no Nova with NEUTRON EB12. Is there anything we need to do to activate Nova? I can control the light through EN1 so it’s clearly connected to Onyx on pc.

Latest firmware on EN12 and latest Onyx version.

What version of ONYX are you guys usings? @Kors and @deflost

Not only do you need firmware 2.92, but you also need to have ONYX Version 4.6.1218 or newer.

If you have both of those, then check network settings and make sure you have the proper IP’s and that Art-Net should be active as it uses Art-Net RDM discovery to detect the key (If I understand the handshake correctly).

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Yes, The node needs to be running the latest firmware and Onyx needs to have Art-Net enabled.