Not able to use RDM over Artnet on RDM10 with grandMA2

When i try to Use RDM on my 12x RDM10 Setup with grandMA2, only some UIDs where found, but the Console isnt able to gether all other necessary Paramter

RDM over Art-Net is not supported by GMA2. This was again recently confirmed by Lightpower in Germany.
RDM on MA2 works on the console ports and on MA nodes. Not third party Art-Net traffic.

Maybe there is some miscommunication, because after switch to ELC-Nodes, RDM over ArtNEt started working :man_shrugging:

We support Art-RDM, you can confirm the fixture data using Artistic License DMX workshop.
DMX-Workshop - Artistic Licence
Netron is using Art-Net4, this may be why ELC works better and Netron does not. Unsure, MA stated to us that RDM is not supported on non MA devices.

Only MA can improve the RDM support, but for MA2 its unlikely that there will be further feature adjustments.

OK, got this.

I know DMX-Workshop, i already wrot this in one of my other THreads :blush:
There something is found, but there are also issues gethering all Parameters.
On a Setup with 12x RDM10 and 300 fixtures, many UIDs where found, but then where not able to communicate with them later, or getting there DeviceInfo

MA user guide states:

A Remote Device Management (= RDM) directly connected to one of the devices of the following grandMA2 series:

  • grandMA2 consoles
  • MA onPC command wing
  • MA onPC fader wing
  • MA NPU
    ​- MA 8Port Node, MA 8Port Node onPC
    ​- MA 4Port Node, MA 4Port Node onPC, MA 4Port WM
    ​- MA 2Port Node, MA 2Port Node onPC 2K, MA 2Port Node onPC 1K, MA 2Port WM

Some digging on ma-share mentions that it may work with “transparent” RDM nodes, unsure what they mean by this.
RDM trough ArtNet (

As the Conversation on ma sharenet shows, MA2 can do ArtNet-RDM.
And we have testet it with the new ELC Nodes.

RDM over ArtNet shold work.

As i now there are 2 different ways how a Discover over ArtNet can be done.

  1. The Console is send a Broadcast Discover, and then the Node responses Assync multiple times and is doing the Tree-Search by them self
  2. The Console is doing the Tree-Search, while the Node do axact the Commands received by the Console