ns8 and zactrack

Hi All I have got my ns8s and i have been very impressed. But … I havent been able to get them to work with thezactrack smart system. I am sure it is a setting that i may be missing. I have managed to get sacn, ndi across multiple nodes using multiple vlans and trunking. Just tried to make a Zactrack vlan and dindnt work. surly theybdont need to be in the same ip range to work would have thought the ip was just to configure the units. All m,y other bits were in the 192.168.x.x ranges and the zactrack plays in the 172.x.x.x range.

other thing i noticed there is nowhere to add a saftey chain the the unit unless you get a m12 or m10 o ring.

As far as I know about networking, they do have to be in the same ip range to communicate. I would change the ip on the zctrack or on the ns8 to see if it works.

Dont think that matters with a switch as it just routs data. Doesnt interact at all. When they get back fromnthe job ill also try that.

Reply back when you get them back and test it please, I’d like to follow your progress as we are looking at the Zactrack system.

Will do. Its back Sunday Night and I will try and find some time to have a look over next week. Zactrack ssaid to make it as dumb as possible and it should work. The Vlans wouldnt be an issue as long as there is enough bandwidth.

was this resolved?

No it hasnt. But havnt had a chance to look at it. I am planning to try and have a look tomorrow. Would be good if we could export vlan settings. Make a custom vlan and import it. Also a ns8 with a screen or a bigger one.