NX 2 - DP display ouput


Trying to connect external monitor on my NX 2 software version 4.8.1244.0. with this adapter
But it seem that neither of two ports recoginezed few monitor that i pluged in. I tried to find some enable option in MENU/DISPLAYS but could not initiate or enable option appear.
Anyone have similar issue ?


After connecting the display, restart the console. After reset the display drivers should load correctly.

Hello Mike

Thank tou for reply.
I tried both DP on console but even if converter DP-HDMI is brand new OUT od store IT was defective!
I bought cable DP - HDMI in meantime and external display is working fine now.
But in this case connecting external touch screen display , in my case ELO 24” working perfectly fine, my main display on NX2 console become NON touch!?
Is this usual?
Is there any option that can solve this that main screen stay also touch?
Or every time you connect external display main display becomes non touch?


To get the main display to be touch-able again you need to do the following:

Click MENU button on the console (or click ONYX logo in upper left corner, then MENU).
On the left side of the screen look for DISPLAY menu.
Then on the bottom you will have 3 tabs, go to CONFIGURATION.
Follow the instructions on both screens.
Usually, you need to click ENTER on the console, to get the touch working again on the main display.

Thank you for the tip.
Working like a charm.