NX-P Output 3-4 not working

Hi all!

My NX-P has Problems on output 3 and 4.

I have 2 different PCs I use.

Depending which PC I use (both on 4.8something, same release), my output do not show up in the hardware-tester and the LEDs beside the outputs are red. In the output-menu all 4 outputs are shown, the concerning outputs are both assigned to universe 1. If I try to configure the output-universe, it does change the numbers but after closing the menu and open it up again both, 3 and 4 are back to universe1.

When I use the other PC all 4 outputs work like they are supposed to.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Best regards, Mikel

Hello, did you check that the firmware of the DMX card are up-to-date?