NX Touch first fader bulge

I just received my NX Touch. This is the first time working with this type of desk for me.

The plastic top layer of the first fader is bulging a little and is not as flat as the other touch faders. While using the desk I can clearly feel a difference between the first and the second fader. I made a video to show the bulge of the fader (I could not get it clearly visible on a picture): NX Touch first fader bulge - YouTube.

I would like to know if this bulge is normal for this desk? And if so, can I expect faster wear on the first fader because of the bulge?

I do not have this bulge on my console

I guess then that the bulge is some sort of manufacturing error.

Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

I have 4 Mtouch and no such thing on them

Email a picture to support@obsidiancontrol.com