NX Touch Freezing During Show, how to restart without exiting Onyx

Windows 10.
Onyx 4.10.1265

Good Morning,

During a rehearsal last night, I experienced two lockups of the NX touch.

The NX touch faders or buttons would not respond, and the DMX output had frozen.

The other 2 universes on an artnet node were unaffected and still functioning, as was the PC and ONYX software.

Unplugging the NX touch and plugging back in resulted in the NX Touch in an “Off state” with it not lighting up or responding.

Shutdown Onyx, end task on the obsidian service and re-open onyx fixed the problem for a short while.

The system froze twice during Act one.

I am using the original NX touch cable direct to the PC.

During the interval, I rerouted the USB cable away from any mains cables, moved the wifi dongle from the back of the pc to the front away from the USB cable, and switched universe 1 and 3 between the NX touch and my art net so I would have control of the main rig should it lockup.

The system remained stable through act 2.

Q1) What could possibly causing the NX touch to hangup.
Q2) Is there a service or program I can restart without having to close onyx to have it reconnect to the NX Touch during the show?

Hi Mattotone

i’ve had this same issue occur on multiple occasions.
frozen faders, no output.

Hoping to see some info on this issue


Update to 4.10.1268, which fixes the problem