NX Touch help

Hi kinda new to lighting. We are about to purchase an Obsedian NX touch and will try and hook it up to the lighting fixtures of a chapel (conventional and intelligent). We are told it has 10 universe and is configured sACN. Someone knows how can I use at least 4 universe from the NX Touch? Do I need something else aside from a Windows computer? Thanks so much for your help.

NXTouch has one universe, you need a DMX-Node. For example the EN4 for four universes

You can USE(as in you are licensed for) 4 universes from an NX Touch, you just cannot OUTPUT 4 universes on that device since it only has 1 DMX output, you will need some other sACN nodes(converts sACN into DMX) somewhere if the chapel doesn’t already have them.

From you post it sounds like this is some kind of existing install? If it has already been wired up and you just need to supply the sACN input, then yes, the NX Touch and a computer will do(with the exception you won’t be able to control the whole 10 universe rig).

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