NX-touch suddenly stop sending DMX

Hello, I need help. I have had a new NX-TOUCH for 1 year but I have never opened the box yet, due to lack of time. I started using my NX-TOUCH on a single universe and my fixtures stopped working after 20 minutes. I thought it was a problem with my fixtures so I changed them for new ones. (4x Moving Head). No results with new fixtures. I also changed my wiring to test and once again no results. I checked with another type of fixture (Chauvet PAR) and once again no results. I also installed ONYX on another computer (PC WINDOWS 10 pro i9) and no results. It seems that my problem comes from the DMX output of the NX-TOUCH which does not send any signal to the fixtures. However, all the actions that I do on the TOUCH work in the ONYX software, i.e. the faders, the cues, the commands in general, all mapping in the software but nothing happens at the fixture level. Can you direct me to another solution because I am really at the end of my resources.

NX-TOUCH Firmware: 4.2
ONYX Software : 4.8
Windows 10 Pro: CPU i9


Is it always after 20 minutes or doesn’t it work at all anymore?
In case of the former you should search for “USB selective suspend” and turn that off for the NX Touch (and possibly for the USB hub it is connected to). In case of the latter, you should contact your dealer for having it repaired.

Thank you for the feedback. It doesn’t work at all anymore. It worked about 20 minutes after it was first programmed out of the box last week. The problem is that I bought this NX-TOUCH in January 2022 for a project and the project did not take place. It has remained in its new box since that time. Of course my representative told me that this was no longer guaranteed. I’m really sad about that. A new device that does not work. It’s frustrating. Do you have the steps to follow for sending and repairing this item? Do I send it directly to the manufacturer? What is the repair cost?


Email us with the serial number and invoice at support@obsidiancontrol.com

Thanks Mattias, an email as been send to you !!