NX Wing - LED feedback brightness.

Maybe I am missing the setup, or… I don’t know,
But how can I dimm down the Blue LED feedback on my NX Wing buttons?
It is very irritating in dark club environment.



Did you search into the documentation?


Regards :slight_smile:

The button LEDs are not dimmable. Only the desklight is.

I was asking for LED’s on the console buttons, not the display.

@Matthias - than we need to make a modification on this device, as it is way too bright in the darkness. Or maybe it could be dome via new software?

Hi Mike,

This is part of the product design and can not be adjusted via software as far as I am aware off.

So that’s a big issue, as these LED’s are too bright.
Long work with this will cause eye irritation and is disturbing during programming.
Maybe making the buttons less transparent would help?
Or adding a resistor on the power line for these LED’s?
Or limit the PWM on the LED’s via software/hardware???
There should be a way to do it.

There was a similar issue with the Martin Xciter, but it was that the buttons weren’t bright enough.

Martin then sent out a retro-kit with redesigned buttons that made them brighter.