NX Wing / NX 2 - ideas for the next big thing


one of your competitors launched an “onPC” styled console a month ago. In my humbled opinion they have done many things right in terms of hardware features.

I am looking forward to see some of the hardware features in our consoles in the future too.

  • internal PSU with TRUE1 connector
  • motorized faders (I am definitely not alone with that wish)
  • RGB backlit faders, encoders, keys (at least the keys) for better feedback
  • locking USB cable

And as an unique selling point for the NX Wing maybe, maybe not:

  • integrated UBS-C docking station

Many modern laptops are only eqiupped with an USB-C port and I think, its not getting better. Only connecting an USB-C cable to the console and we have everthing we need for all day runnig: Power, USB-hub, network (locking connector) and 2 Displayport / HDMI ports would be very comfortable.

I mean, I would not fullfill all of the features on that list, if the console would become twice as expensive as now. You should keep your great value for money throught the Onyx universe.

Nevertheless thank you for your hard work :slight_smile:

The Chamsys Wing is very nice but comes with the high price tag of $6900 MAP, where the NX Wing is $2990. More than double!
For the price of the Chamsys wing you are almost at an NX2 ($7990)
This gives a lot of freedom to integrate all the nice things like motorized faders, rgb strips etc.

I don’t expect a redesign of the NX2 and NX Wing for many years to be honest, they are fairly new still, launched in 2019.

I can say for sure that future console and wing designs will have integrated power, we don’t want to use external PSU again.

Thanks for your input!

I totally agree with your wishes, but one big thing is missing :slight_smile:

10 Playback knobs at the right side, like the NX touch has. :+1:


Yes I know. I did not expect anything. I just had the desire to share my thoughts, after I saw this fancy piece of hardware from Chamsys. :sweat_smile:

I would save the space on the console for other things. I use for that purpose one of Novations Launchpads. With its unbeatable price/performance ration you get 64 of those buttons. Downside you have to integrate it via Midi/OSC.

How do you integrate this? I thought about the launchpad mini? Are you using showcockpit?
Which buttons do you assign to that? :slight_smile:

I suggest to get the Launchpad Mini or the Launchpad X. The Launchpad X is slightly larger and has velocity sensitive pads. That might help to configure a flash button with variable intensity depending on how hard you hit it. I haven’t done it yet, because I do not own a Launchpad with velocity pads.

A downside is, that Showcockpit does not have a native driver for the new Launchpads (only Launchpad MK2 and Mini MK2). There is a poll in the showcockpit facebook group, where you can vote for new drivers though.

But you can use the generic MIDI driver. It is possible, but more work. Or you use the older driver. So far it might be compatible, but the flashing feedback won’t work.

Here is a video of what is possible, if you go down the MIDI rabbit hole:
MIDI Control Onyx Playback Buttons with LED feedback - YouTube