NX Wing

NX Wing and pretty new to me. I’ve spent some time and have some things working fine.
I’ve really struggled with finding any manuals or videos that help with basics. So excuse my very basic questions.

I have a 4 fixtures (Pars) assigned to bank 1 , faders 1 -4. The cues automatically run on start up (great) and control is available on the NX Wing for intensity control. Fantastic.

  1. I can select a fixture on the Onyx Computer Screen which illuminates the keypad on the NXWing. But I want to select this fixture from the NXWing only and get the keypad to illuminate. Can this be done?
  2. Once the keypad is illuminated what is the procedure to for example, change the color of this fixture?

Thanks in Advance.


Welcome to the ONYX platform. To try and briefly point you in the direction you are asking.

Since you are using an ONYX PC with an NX Wing you can fine the manuals already included with the download. It’s under Obsidian in the start menu. It is also online at support.obsidiancontrol.com. Here is a link for it. http://support.obsidiancontrol.com/Content/Home.htm

Training videos can also be viewed on YouTube. Again the link can be found on the Support website under training and is below for quick reference.

Now for your other questions. The NX Wing is just a control surface to the PC. As you have already noticed when selecting them from the PC the keypad of the Wing allows physical controls instead of using the mouse. You can select fixtures from the Wing also as long as the command line has focus. If the command line has focus, pressing 1 enter, will select the fixture with ID 1 and allow you to change that fixtures attributes using the encoder wheels. This is making then assumption that you have a fixture with ID 1 in your patch.

To change the color of your pars, after you select your fixtures, you’ll need to select the color attribute. Again this can be done with the mouse and the virtual belts / encoders or the physical encodes on the wing. To select the color attribute on the wing, use the small 3.5” touchscreen next to the keypad. To start it will show things like intensity, color, pan / tilt, gobo, beam, etc. depending on your fixtures. Once you select color it will switch to show additional parameter controls of the color attribute. Like the red, green, blue, etc. channels of your pars. Again you can select the specific color channel (like red) and it will switch to the level of red. (0-100%). Or you can use the encoder wheels at the top right to adjust each color at the same time.

Once you create your desired color you can either save it as a cue or a preset, to later be used in cues.

Hope this helps,