NX1 - External Displays

Hello everyone,

Im having quite a time trying to get an external display to work. It is an LG webOS TV UM6970PUB. When I plug in the hdmi port, The screen: “2 screens detected - Update the location of ALL screens and then press ‘Apply’” appears. Internal is in the bottom center screen. I cannot touch, or drag or assign anything else from here. And the screen never goes away

Any ideas?


Build : 4.8.1237.0

We’ve identified some more external (touch) screen issues and fixed them. We’re currently wrapping several fixes into a maintenance build that should go public soon, keep an eye out…

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cannot be too soon.

I am also having issues with touch screen confusion in the system. Worked for a few weeks, but now when add an external touch screen, touching the internal touchscreen activates a point on the external monitor.

even without the monitor USB touchscreen input connected, touching the internal screen activates a similar place on the external monitor. when you get a pop-up screen (like save) you cannot touch it at all and need to use the mouse. If you connect the USB for the monitor, it works fine as a touchscreen, but not able to use the internal touch.

disconnecting the external monitor completely and re-booting gets the internal touch working, but it goes wonky again as soon as the external screen HDMI is active.

does the wing ID of the monitor have anything to do with this? cannot find any documentation on how to use it.

I can generally run the show with the external touchscreen and the control surface, but programming is a headache!!!


PS like the NXK, but wish was some useful documentation on the encoders.

how far off is the update? now 4 months from the initial post!


An update was released later that month: starting with 4.8.1238 the issues should be fixed, latest build now is 4.8.1240

I’m also experiencing the same issue as soon as I add a externa touch screen.

Is there a specific setup I have to do in order for the internal and external touch screens to work seperately?