NX1 first impression

We purchased an NX1 and a NX K for a small theatre studio. Both are really cool, but is there some negative things that I don’t like on NX1:

  1. I don’t know if this is a issue or not, but when I use X-Net and delete a cue from a cuelist, it turns down the motorized fader to zero. But only when I use X-Net. Software: 4.8.1240
  2. From sitting position I can’t see the screen. I know is there a HDMI port for additional screen, but the integrated screen it would be better tilted or a mechanical solutuion for tilt.
  3. The desk light is too heavy and too bright. I can’t adjust the brightness from the menu like on M1. I’m afraid it will break the USB port, because the desk light is too heavy, so at moment I use other desk light.