After several month of pause, when starting over my NX1, I get full black screen all along.

When plugging back the external screen, I got display on external screen, but never internally.

I’m trying to do a full OS installation, but it failed when trying to switch to the internal display (I can’t install without external screen as the internal is black all the time)

I’m good for a second support loop. 1 show, 2 hardware issues. Not really happy!

I’ve contacted my local vendor to get support.

More diag:

  • when the windows looping of change resolution, I’ve connected a keyboard an run a CTRL+C to skip this part.
  • the internal screen never display anything, but the touch of the internal screen is still working (can see it on external screen)
  • it seems that the current windows 10 installed is the one where the bug of cpu is flag as 100% loaded everytime
  • the 2 screens are detected, but no display on internal screen

I fear that screen is due for repair, have your vendor take care of it