NX1 internal DMX output error

Hi, I’ve had my nx1 for few months, and I’ve got some issues with setting up the internal output port 3-4. First two I can change and it stays how I change it, but 3-4 I’m changing and its not saving anything, and stays inactive.
Any ideas how to fix it?
I’m running the lates software version 4.8.1243
Had this same issue on software 4.8.1240

contact us here, we will send you instructions to correct this

Support Request (obsidiancontrol.com)

why is the solution for this problem such a secret!
it coukd save a lot of time for future cases, if we find the solution in the forum search!
and not have to wait for office time of support.

I got the instructions and now it’s working great. I needed to reassaign the dmx outputs in the console tester.

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