NX1 Setup

I just got an NX1 and when I try to load in my Ultratec Radiance Hazer it dosent load anything but fan speed?
I also loaded 4.8 into my laptop and it does the same thing?
How do i fix this?

Also it is latest version and I have downloaded the fixture update

This fixture has an undefined Channel Assignment, easy fix.

You need to assign the “Haze Rate” Channel to a parameter group.

This can be done under Menu>General>Parameter Groups

Select the “Haze Rate” from the menu on the left and use the green arrow (Circled in red) to move it into the Intensity Parameter Group. Then you should be able to control it.

ill try that thanks!
this version is a bit new to me, those settings were there in the older versions

@MikeOt ,

As a reminder, there was a library format change at version 4.6. Doing what @mgerardi said is the fix. You can also submit the profile as needing corrected on the library request support page. Unless Matthew did that already. Reporting little things like this will make the library and software better for everyone.

There is also an option for setting a notification, that will pop up the un-assigned parameter group should this happen in the future for other profiles.

Hope this additional information is helpful,


I tried this but when I go to the control box all I get is fan speed.? Should i put intensity and fan speed in the same colum under intensity?

Got it!!!
Thanks for your help!

Everytime I boot the system up I keep getting this “unassigned channel(s) detected message”
There is no indacation of what fixtures it pertains too? Everything seems to be working, i could be missing something here?

I am getting this on my NX1 and Laptop with ver 4.8 software.

This is linked to the fixture patch which have specific dmx channel naming not mapped to parameter group.

More infos Unassigned Channels Detected

You should be able to map them once. However, with each library patch update, you may have to re-map them (or even for a different show load).

I would suggest looking at your fixture list and trying to isolate which one might be causing the issue and ask for a fixture profile correction.

If you need help with this, let me know.

Hope this helps,