NX2 main screen is flipped

Our NX2 main screen is flipped, and the entire screen is rotated upside down, how to fix it or need to reinstall the ONYX OS?

fill in a support form to receive repair instructions for the screen orientation.

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Mine boots upside down every time then flips over after boot. I don’t like it but it works


The consoles screens are physically mounted upside down for better viewing angles / glare. So the boot upside down is the windows starting up and then the ONYX software flips the orientation if I understand correctly.

So that should be normal.


That explains why I can’t stand looking at the nx2 screen! Thought I was crazy but with my polarized lenses it really hurts my eyes to look at that screen. I use my m2go with external laptop and elo touchscreen most of the time because I hate the screen on the nx2.

Most manufacturers of the DMX consoles build in the screens upside down.
This You will get on all major controllers.

Can you tell me if you’ve found a solution? I have the same problem on NX4
Thanks in advance