NX2 repair

My NX2 is under a year old, currently it locks up at the top of the show, or anytime it has been sitting in a static scene for a length of time… Handles beautifully with shows that require lots of effects or chases… Try and fade down to a center special, its done. Also, many of the buttons wont activate on the first touch. I have a Wing that as about 6 months old that on occasion will freeze, currently I have a backup wing running in the main room that operates perfectly that I am using.


Bummer that you are having issues. I’d try a couple of things (if possible).

  1. backup things and re-install the OS

  2. try a new basic show file to see if it locks up. Might not have all the cues, but try recreating the ones that have caused some problems.

  3. contact support

As a side note, I have had the same showfile for years. The last few version updates and with the new library format I have seen some weirdness. I’m also in the process of trying to see if I have gotten a corrupt showfile somehow.

Hope this helps,