NX4 Built In Monitor and External Monitor causing Dylos Issues


The built in Screen and External Monitors on my nx4 are glitching like crazy and then for some reason completely killing dylos in the process. Also, I’ve had to restart the console a couple times because on start up the console itself is completely frozen and nothing will physically work on the surface. This is a brand new NX4 and was just working completely fine on our last tour stop, and during programming a couple nights ago. Now all of a sudden the console is just generally bugging out.

Hey @kylemccluer,

It’s hard to tell from the photos what is actually going on. But some additional information may be helpful.

What software version are you running? What is the model of the touch screen? Do you have any other USB devices plugged in? Have you tried calibrating all screens? Are the screens dirty? Inside tour stops or outside? Also make sure the DP connection is seated all the way in. Some cables may make connection but not fully lock in.

This kind of sounds like maybe a dirty screen / calibration issues. I know on my touch screens if I grab the edges to reposition the viewing angle sometimes it registers as a touch. Also, depending on the version, you may want to either updates (if not on the current 1230 release) or maybe try re-installing the OS (if you did just the software updates).

Just some ideas to try. Hope this helps you out.