Nx4 doesn't detect external display

I bought this week a brand new nx4 and i’m unable to add an external display. All update are up to date. Someone know the problem?


Check cable.
I had similar problem couple of weeks with NX2 with converter D.P-HDMI , brand new OUT of store and IT did not work!
I bought another cable , straight D.P - HDMI and IT did work.
Anyway First check in MENU in Diplay option to turn on some of prefered display

Hi ngamache, NX4 should work with a DP to HDMI adaptor, However there was some NX4 that it did not. So it will work with a cable that is DP to DP or DP to HDMI but not with the adaptor. You can go and buy the correct cable or send your NX4 in for a warranty service to get that fixed. Whichever is easiest for you.