NX4 screen flip

Hello !
The screen on my NX4 console is upside down, I’m in version 4.9.1254,
I’ve tried reinstalling OS 4.9.1252 several times, but nothing works…
Can you help me? It’s urgent.
Have a nice day

Have you also tried going back to the 4.8.1244 version??

The below response was from the Discord Server where someone else also had a flipped screen.

“Since it’s on 4.8, it should be safe to assume a correct OS image is used. The rotation is toggled by the presence of the encoder PCB next to the screen. Could you launch ConsoleTester or FIrmware Update to make sure the PCB is actually detected?”

I would suggest using the console tester first, and if nothing try the firmware. If still nothing after that, I’d call support as there is a procedure for updating (or correcting) the firmware that they can help you with.

Hope this helps,


Same problem before on NX2, in the end, I reinstall the entire system, REMEMBER to backup all show files and record all the setting config before doing it.

I have tried before, I tried to change the system setting, but it wouldn’t help, I guessed that maybe have a flip sensor that caused the screen to flip, so I tried flipping the whole console at different angles to turn it on, but it still didn’t solve the problem.

Here is the ONYX File Archive link, good luck to you.

This appears to be a situation that is starting to surface. I know support is aware of a few other reports of this. I would suggest filling out the support request so that this situation can be “logged and tracked”. From what I’ve read and understand in other post it tied to the present of the screen encoders (no internal sensor), which maybe a firmware issue. Support is way smarter than me, so please reach out to them as they will want to know the software version (or beta) that you encountered the problem on as they continue to monitor / track this issue.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for your answers.
I’ve switched back to OS 4.8.1244, with beta 4.9.1251, and it’s working for the moment. Fingers crossed!