NX4 Ship Date

Hello friends!

Sad news to report: my beloved M1 went up in smoke the other evening. The PSU failed catastrophically, taking the motherboard (and possibly other components) with it. It was among the first-builds and has had a good life, but now I need to assist in determining the best course of action (repair feasibility etc).

So, on a very related note, what is the latest status with the launch of the NX4? Does anyone know when we can expect these to be shipping / delivering in Canada? 'Might be looking to acquire one sooner rather than later, haha.



Hi RJ Lynch,

There is no launch date known at this moment.
Some parts are still in development.

Understood. Thank you, Menno. Is there a very rough timeline - i.e.; Q3 / Q4 this year? Any insight at all will help us make a more informed decision regarding which product line to invest in.

Hi Rob,
The aim is Q3.

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